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At Lifegate Preschool (formerly TLC - Trinity Learning Center), in Omaha, Nebraska we are…

…challenged by the whole child.
Recognizing that each child has his/her own physical, social, emotional, mental and spiritual needs, we are dedicated to the fulfilling of those individual requirements.

…committed to communication.
Learning about each other through interaction and dialogue, is tantamount to getting along together.

…dedicated to personal growth of each person, large or small, involved with Lifegate Preschool.
Providing in-service training sessions for the teaching staff. We offer parent/teacher conferences and other resources for our parents, along with structured programs for the children. We value all members of our Lifegate Preschool family.

…concerned with providing an excellent atmosphere.
Knowing that children are happiest and learn best when they are in a comfortable setting. Each staff member is dedicated to making Lifegate Preschool’s atmosphere one of calm purposefulness and love – an atmosphere with a sense of time to explore, play and experiment (see photos of facility).

…convinced that children are people – small persons and not little adults.
Understanding that children, as small persons, need direction, the staff implements positive guidance and assistance as needed.

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our history

Lifegate Preschool (formally Trinity Learning Center - TLC) was established in 1980, as a Lifegate Church (formally Trinity Church Interdenominational) supported ministry. Lifegate Preschool is a non-profit Christian preschool, with a child development program for the church and the surrounding community. The school is taught from a thoroughly Christian perspective, modeling Christian principles. One way of accomplishing this is prayer with the children and a weekly Bible verse.

This program was developed to give opportunity for children to interact with their peers in a fun and loving environment. We understand that this may be the first structured school experience these children will have, so our desire is to model and nurture an excitement, along with a love for learning. Learn about our teachers»


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