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faq's (frequently asked questions)


1. Is Lifegate Preschool a daycare? No, we are a preschool in Omaha, Nebraska. The children are in class for 2 ½ hours the days they come.

2. How is pre-school different than Sunday School? We are a Christian preschool and model Christian principals. We are also considered a developmental preschool, as we focus on the whole child. A weekly Bible verse is featured, but Bible stories are not necessarily used, unless they go along with the unit we are studying during the week.

3. Do you have chapel? No.

4. How much is tuition? See Classes and Tuition page.

5. How do you handle discipline? When necessary we use a timeout. The child sits in a chair with hands on knees. At the appropriate time we talk to the child and when they are ready to respond as asked, they are allowed to reenter the activities after an affirming hug from the teacher. If there is an ongoing problem the teacher will contact the parent.

6. What is your approach to security? We are a secured facility. The outside doors are locked except for arrival and dismissal times. A parent can always enter through the main entrance of the building (they are required to sign in at the Welcome Center).

7. Does my child need to be “potty trained?” And what is the Lifegate Preschool definition of “potty trained?” Yes children need to be able to express themselves when they need to use the restroom, and they need to be able to attend to their needs. We of course are there to assist when necessary with zipper, buttons and snaps. We encourage parents to send their children to school in clothing that they can manage themselves. We understand that accidents happen and have clothing that can be borrowed if necessary.

8. Do you offer parent/teacher conferences? We have conferences two times a year. One in the fall and the other in the spring.

9. Is there a program that the parents can attend? We have two programs a year - one being the Christmas Story and the other is our End of Year Program in the spring.

10. What type of “field trips” are offered? Who drives to the off-site location? Our parents drive to our field trips or they can arrange with other parents to transport their child. We typically go to an age appropriate pumpkin patch in the fall, a childís fitness center in the winter and a dance studio in the spring. We also have Gifford Farm bring their animals to our preschool for an in-house field trip. We are always looking for new places to explore!

11. Are Lifegate Preschool teachers certified? Our staff meets all the requirements that the State of Nebraska has placed for teachers that teach preschool. We also are required to have a number of in-service hours each year to keep the staff up-to-date.

12. How will I know if there is a behavior problem with my child? The teacher will contact you if there is a problem, and the parent is always welcome to ask the teacher at the end of the day.

13. Can parents stop by at any time? Yes, we ask that parents wait until after the first month of school so that the children have time to acclimate to their new routine and their new environment. We also have times when we need parent assistance in the classroom and welcome you to join our class.

14. Can I view a school calendar? Yes, click here to see the school calendar»

15. Do you have an outdoor playground? Yes, we have a fenced-in outdoor playground with safe equipment for the children to enjoy»




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