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typical day  

Each child will participate in these activities throughout the course of their day at Lifegate Preschool in Omaha, Nebraska.

Note: This is provided as a sample, as some sessions may be in a different order, depending on the day.

Arrival and greeting time:

Children arrive and are greeted warmly by their teachers. We begin our day with a greeting song, which sings each child's name and encourages the other children to sing along so that they will learn their classmate's name.

Arts and crafts time:

Children create a project (see finger painting photo), they may learn to follow directions by assembling something or they have a “cooking project” for the art time. This is when opportunity is given to learn to print their name and print the letter of the week.

Story time (Weekly Theme):

Children are read a story and introduced to the letter, number, shape, and/or color of the week. In addition a “concept” or “theme of the week” is discussed. Some sample “themes” include discussions on families, senses, manners, seasons, pets, dinosaurs and many other age appropriate topics.

Large motor:

We move to music, play with the parachute, play instruments, toss bean bags or we may play a game together in the large group. We always enjoy going outside to run and play on our playground when weather permits.

Snack time:

We use this time help to develop table manners, such as “Please,” “Thank you” and “May I please be excused?” Parents sign-up to bring snacks or the children make the snack as an “art project” that day.


Children have opportunity to play in different Learning Centers which include:

  • Kitchen Center
  • Dress-up Center
  • Puppet Theater
  • Listening Center
  • Building Block Area
  • Table Activities - puzzles, matching or sequencing games along with other activities.
  • Climbing Blocks
  • Art center
  • Revolving learning center that changes every 3-4 weeks Example: Farm, Doctor's Office, Grocery Store, Carpenter Shop, Beauty Salon (see photo), Fire Department (see photo), Post Office, etc.



This is a time when children return to their original classroom, sing a "Good bye" song and are dismissed by their teacher.

Field Trips

We also offer field trips throughout the year to places like a kids gym, a pumpkin patch and a dance studio. Gifford Farm is part of our in-house field trips as well as bringing fire fighters and a fire truck to our facility.

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